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    4 in 1 Multifunctional Stylus Pen

    4 in 1 Multifunctional Stylus Pen

    • Stylus: Touch screen stylus to protect your devices from unwanted smudge marks and easily navigate on the tiny screen.
    • Writing Pen: Possession of a quality pen in itself expresses a lot even without writing a word.
    • Mobile Holder: Mobile stand for all phones and tablets gives a comfortable viewing angle.
    • Screen Cleaner: Keep your screen sparkling clean.
    £ 4.16
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    6in1 Car Charger with Power Bank and Torch

    6in1 Car Charger with Power Bank and Torch


    1. Dual USB-ports: Charge two devices simultaneously
    2. LED Torch: For use at night or to signal for assistance
    3. Portable power bank: An inbuilt power bank with 2200mAh to charge your devices if you need to vacate your car.
    4. Seat belt cutter: You can release yourself with inbuilt seat belt cutter during a critical situation
    5. Safety Hammer: Break the glass with the built-in safety hammer.
    6. Design and Manufactured for Usability and Durability.

    This versatile tool will ensure you travel with peace of mind and will prove to be vital during critical situations.

    £ 24.99
  • Dual USB Metal Body Car Charger – 3.4 A


    • Compatible with mostly any device that charges via USB cable.
    • The combined output of the charger is 3.4A and the maximum output from each port is 2.4A with highest safety standards.
    • Metal housing for long life usage.
    £ 8.33
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    Magnetic Mobile Mount

    Magnetic Mobile Mount


    1. CompatibilityFits most of all mobile devices with strong grips to ensure protection.
    2. Fully Adjustable: Constructed with Anti-fall magnets Offers a 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing of your device at any angle.
    3. Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic design for every day too long life, You can mount and unmount with ease without any tool.
    4. The neck can be move according to your comfort.
    5. It is powerful enough to hold your phone even on the rough roads.
    £ 12.49
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    Power Bank with Dual Output- 10000mAh (Rubber Housing)


    Power Bank with Dual Output- 10000mAh (Rubber Housing)


    1. The power bank is loaded with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery of 10,000 mAh powerful capacity, can charge your two devices simultaneously faster than others, no worry about the cables-it’s included.
    2. It takes only 5 hours to full charge with charging speed of 2A, Anti-slip, Comfortable touch.
    3. You can use it to charge smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and other USB chargeable devices.
    4. Rubber housing makes you feel comfortable, convenient to take it anywhere.
    5. Recharge from any wall charger, car charger with included micro USB- charge cable.
    £ 33.33 £ 29.99
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    Running Light

    Running Light


    1. Light in weight: The micro-size design allows you to clip it to your waistband, bicep, and wrist.
    2. No Switches, or Batteries
    3. Requires Minimal Movement to Work
    4. IPx8 Waterproof: Durable during Rainy Nights
    5. Durability: Altogether it’s a Durable, substantial & safe for night time safety.
    6. Customisable with Any Band or Loop
    £ 16.66
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    Sim Adapter with Card Reader

    Sim Adapter with Card Reader


    Sim adapter with 3 SIM Card Adapters + 1 iPhone Eject Pin + MicroSD USB Card Reader

    Package includes:

    1. Ultra slim black holder case
    2. 3 SIM Card adapters
    3. 1 iPhone eject tool pin
    4. Quality high-speed micro SD USB memory card reader

     Holds 4 different SIM cards

    • 2 regular size SIM cards
    • 1 Micro size SIM card
    • 1 Nano size SIM card

     Holds 2 Micro SD / TF Memory Cards

    • Holds 1 iPhone eject pin (included)
    • Holds Micro SD memory card reader (included)
    • Holds 3 SIM card adapters (included)

     The adapters can convert:

    • Nano to micro size
    • Nano to standard size
    • Micro to standard size

    The SIM card adapter allows you to convert your SIM card size, This is ideal if you want to use the same SIM card in a different phone or changing between a newer and an older phone that requires a different size SIM card.

    Product Dimensioms: 10cm*18.5cm*0.07cm.

    £ 8.33
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    Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera

    Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera

    Specification and Features:
    This 3 in 1 is a tiny clip-on detachable jelly lens for mobile phones & digital cameras. With the Mobile Fish Eye Lens, you can see the image with the range of 180 degrees from the right to the left on your phone. With the macro lens, You can be taken picture of a tiny object clearly in the details. Wide angle lens is suitable to take picture of large ranges, such group of people, buildings and landscape. You can enjoy unrealistic fish-eye world of images. The Digital Camera Lens are attached to a convenient cord and clip so you can leave it clip on your phone or digital camera for quick access to fun shots.

    Compatible with most types of mobile phones
    •The universal clip lens can suitable for iPhone, HTC, Samsung and others smart phone .
    •It can also be used on iPad, Tablet PC and Laptops or anywhere you can imagine.

    Fisheye lens:
    • Angle: 175° – 180°
    • Magnification: 0.33X
    • Lens Construction : 3 Element 3 Group
    • Max Diameter: 25mm
    • Length: 15mm

    Wide Angle lens:
    • Angle: 130°
    • Magnification: 0.65X
    • Lens Construction : 2 Element 2 Group
    • Max Diameter: 20mm
    • Length: 11mm

    Macro lens:
    • Magnification : 10X
    • Min Object distance : 10-15mm
    • Lens Construction : 1 Element 1 Group
    • Max Diameter: 20mm
    • Length: 15mm

    Package include :
    Lens Cover x2
    Macro Lens x1
    Fish Eye Lens x1
    Wide Angle Lens x1
    Microfiber Bag x1
    Clip x1

    £ 6.67
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    Virtual Reality Headset, 3D VR Glasses Smartphones

    Virtual Reality Headset, 3D VR Glasses Smartphones


    • New product,Our 3D vr glasses with good quality plastic and leather.

    • Supported device:3.5-5.5 inch smart mobile phone.

    • Suppoerted system:iOS & Android.

    • 3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Real 3D Experience.

    • Shift Your Phone into IMAX Theatre,Owning your private 3D cinema.


    • Brand new and high quality, similar for Google cardboard head mount plastic version 3D VR virtual reality video glasses

    • This item does not have the Magnet Parts so it can not control like the Google Cardboard 3D. But you can use this item view 3D movie and 3D game on your cellphone

    • This paragraph does not contain NFC component (NFC module automatically recognizes only open the program, click on the icon to open the step is omitted software, other experiences are the same)

    • 3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Real 3D Experience.

    Product Description:

    • Suitable size:3.5-5.5''

    • Weight:380g

    • IPD adjustment: 45-66mm.

    • Sight adjustment:76.5mm-85mm.

    • Lens:Aspheric optical lens design.

    • High transmittance nano-coating technology.

    • Games:Special Gamepad control and 3D software provid.

    • Media player: 3D video playback support:2D video convert to 3D support.

    • Material:ABS

    Bluetooth Controller Specification:

    • Size:118*33*42MM

    • Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 3.0 compiant

    • Support System: Android/IOS/PC

    • Support Game: Android/PC(GAMEPAD)NES/GB/SMDSX/GBC/N64/MAME; AndroidAPK (IOS not support)

    • CPU: ARM968E-S Coer

    • Battery: two 7th batteries of R03 1.5 v

    • Working Current: 0.5-8Ma Standby Current: 0.5-1mA

    • Continuous Game Time: about 40-120 hours

    Use Tips:

    • Enter the application market, Download game resources.

    • Play downloaded video resources, must be about slit-screen format.

    • Set up after you can start to use.

    Package Included:

    • 1 * VR Box Play 3D Virtual Reality Glasses

    • 1 * Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 Selfie Camera Shutter Gamepad

    • 1 * English User manual for 3D Glasses

    £ 20.83
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    YunTeng YT-228 Mini Tripod Mount + Phone Holder

    YunTeng YT-228 Mini Tripod Mount + Phone Holder

    • Mini tripod, Selfie, is not only very helpful to capture moments of photography, but also can hold the camera steady
    • It is very comfortable while folding the legs and can capture every angle for HD video camera filming
    • pplicable phone models : suitable for Apple iPhone series, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, for Sony, LG and other mobile phone (purchase before make sure your phone width is within the 53mm-8mm inside)
    £ 10.83